This baby tears up the 1/8th mile in just over 9 seconds!!

Get ready and hold on!! This baby is powered by a YZ250 2stroke Engine. The chassis has been heavily modified to hold up to this beast of a mini. Super trick aluminum braced swing arm, inverted forks, dual disc brakes and a Yamaha inspired paint scheme. Your sitting on a missle because this bike absolutely rips down the strip.  I repeat this IS NOT A TOY!



Mega HP!!!  YZ250 engine in a Custom mini fat tire drag chassis.

Not for the faint of heart this bike bolts to over 100 mph in just seconds!


Mini Racers

We build the most radical mid-size race bikes

Serious HP in a small package.  Why because we can!



High Performance KX125 2-stroke engine in a specially built fat tire mini drag chassis.

Factory Kawasaki professional drag racer Ricky Gaston approved!


Repsol Edition

For gratitude of our friends at Repsol oils we've created a fire breathing mini.




For the serious Mini Road racer. A Honda NSF Chassis with a proven CRF150R water cooled engine. This is the Apex predator of the Mini Gp series.

XMR J-Speed

150cc Racer

Custom Spec built for the 150cc class mini gp series.

Race ready components easily repairable readily available. 

XMR X-18

M-1 Rossi Replica

Powered by a modified Yamaha 100cc 2-stroke power plant.

Stunning looks and plenty of power makes it appear as if it just pulled out from the Moto GP pits!